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The theatre is available for birthday parties, private screenings, and premieres. Our lobby is a beautiful space in which to gather before the film, and our cinemas seat up to 275 guests. Please call for non-birthday rentals cost and information.

Please read the section below concerning "Theatre Rental Policies" and then fill out this form and return it to us by fax (781-326-4499), by mail, or by turning it in at the box office at least one week prior to your reserved date.

If you have any further questions, please contact the General Manager by calling the box office at 781-326-0409 or by using our contact form.

Thank you for hosting your event at the Dedham Community Theatre!

Theatre Rental Policies


Rental is for a 2.5-hour period, generally weekends (weekdays are also available) from 9:00 to 11:30am. The theatre and lobby must be cleared by 11:30am when the theatre reopens to the public.


A Birthday party rental is $250 for 1 child turning 7+ years old & up to 20 guests, not including parents. We ask that there be 3 adults present to supervise.


Reservations are required and are only guaranteed upon receipt of a $125 deposit and a signed rental agreement, no exceptions.


DCT staff will meet you at 9:00 am.


Between 9:00-9:15 am.


9:15 am.


Only (1) Customer-provided Blu Ray or DVD. Make sure the run time will fit into the 2.5 hour rental period; 90 minutes is a suitable average run time.


Between 9:15 and 9:30, depending on length of film. Allow time for cake/celebration in lobby.


At 11:15. The theatre lobby must be cleared by 11:30am when it reopens to the public.


Kid sized popcorn and drink cups can be provided for $1 per item per child, with a free refill of each.


For the safety of your children please maintain order and control. $25 excessive cleanup fee will be charged when deemed necessary. Balloons, bubble gum and glass bottles are not permitted under any circumstances.